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No Minimum Order

We do accept orders from as little as an item. No minimum order for us mean any quantity a customer is willing to commit to making. It can be one dozen, 5 units or just 1 item.

Huge Variety

We do have a large variety of cat breeds to choose from. We have almost completely solved the problem of choice for our customers.

Affordable Kittens

Our kittens are inexpensive. We make sure all categories are reasonably priced. We as well accept and setup payment plans for interested customers.

High Quality Breed

We have over the years worked extremely hard to achieve the breeding program we have today so we are able to bring you, healthy, happily adaptable, socialized, true & pure breed types.

US & Global Shipping

Shipping by cargo costs $575 regardless of the location. The Kitten flies alone in a carrier box. All types of cats can be shipped by cargo EXCEPT Scottish fold, Exotic shorthair, Persian, and Burmese.


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Average Customer Rating

What a fantastic breeder. From initial contact 6 months ago, to collecting our little Eddie – CFU has been great to deal with. Then comes the cats- wow…. they are just stunning, and Ruth and I are delighted with our wee man…
John Kim
We have 2 gorgeous brothers. They are a lovely temperament and really well house trained. CFU was very supportive with us in the after care and I feel that if I had a query now I could contact CFU. I would definitely recommend.
Demonia Iris
I’ve never known a breeder care so much for their little ones. Wouldn’t go anywhere else if we decided to extend the kitten family any more. Thanks so much for letting us have not 1 but 2 of your fur angels, they are my world.
Russel Drou

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